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Our purpose
As a producer company with high standards, we want to spread the quality coffee culture throughout the country with our humble approach... For this purpose, as Anisah, we will spread this culture to all our people. Everyone has the right to drink filter coffee, Turkish coffee, capsule coffee, espresso, macchiato…
Our adventure
The beans we use in Anisah coffees are; each one is special and precious. The labor involved in growing each seed is great and every stage of production is carried out with care. Everything, including the variety and aroma, and the entire process from roasting to packaging, is carried out in Anisah Coffee production facilities, with our farmers, food engineers, in short, coffee experts, carefully monitoring every moment from the bean to the cup.
Production since 1979

Anisah Coffee

Our roots are based on Atmaca Holding's productive culture... We are assertive in Turkey to implement production in the most efficient way. We develop and reveal the good with our techniques. We are taking step by step to become one of the assertive brands in the sector by producing 3.5 - 4 tons per day with our international certificates.